Griot Theatre could not produce challenging evocative theatre without our fearless family of donors.  We'd like to thank the following contributors who made financial gifts to fund our Inaugural season. 



Roger Anderson
Lawrence V. Barclay
Hortencia Barrera
Steve Berry
Eileen Burrell
Andrea Cullen
Lorna Daigle
William Dailey
Audrey El-Amin
Hassan El-Amin
Juan El-Amin
Judith El-Amin
Mahasin El-Amin
Malik B. El-Amin
Martha El-Amin
Rasheedah El-Amin
Sabah El-Amin
Jamil Gordon
Erika Green
Byron J. Gross
Merritt Hooper
Milauna Jemai
Carrie Khouri
John Khouri
Julie Lawson
Danielle Long
Marya Lowry
Amy Martinez
Elizabeth M. McKenzie
Puay Ng
Thomas D. Parham III
Arlene  Patton
Kathy Pullman
Calaya Reid
Carla Renata
Mhayse Samalya
Gail Steinberg
Joseph Steinberg
Priscilla Steward
Robert Steward
Samantha Sugar
Grace W. Tiessen
Ricky Tovin
Les Wieder
Tyree Wieder
Mijija Yoo

Please continue to check back as our donor list grows and if you'd like to be added to the list please make a donation today.
Griot Theatre of the West Valley