Founded in 2011 as a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization to create a live, professional, resident theatre for the West San Fernando Valley.

Griot (pronounced GREE-oh) is of French origin and is a term used throughout West Africa to describe a story teller who preserves the history and culture of a village or community. These story tellers keep an oral tradition which allows for the histories, myths and culture of a people to be passed on to each new generation.




To create a forum for professional theatre artists from underrepresented groups - including women, artists of color and artists with physical disabilities  - to interpret theatre in new ways.


Specifically, Griot Theatre will produce the following types of plays:


Make the classics accessible to present-day audiences by re-imagining Shakespeare, the Greeks and other classics via non-traditional casting, inventive interpretation and evocative staging.

 Established Plays
Further society’s understanding of the human condition by exploring diverse and innovative established plays.
New Plays
Contribute to the future of American Theatre by developing and producing new works by playwrights from underrepresented groups.
Griot Theatre of the West Valley is dedicated to creating professional, resident, live theatre in the West San Fernando Valley.  In order to achieve the best possible theatre experience we will offer the following:
Focus on collaborating with the finest directors, actors and other theatre artists available in the country.
Seek to create opportunities for actors from underrepresented groups - including ethnic minorities, women and actors with physical disabilities - to perform non-traditional roles.
Make productions accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences with the use of captioning, sign language interpretation and "hearing loop" technology.